How to grow an avocado plant from the pit

How to grow an avocado plant from the pit

Have you always wanted to grow avocados at home? Here are some rules to help you grow an avocado plant from the pit and do it well


Open an avocado, take out the kernel and rinse it with warm water by hand only and without soap
Be careful not to remove the husk of the kernel as this may impair the chances of germination

Put toothpicks into the avocado, try to do it with as few toothpicks as possible.
Fill a glass with tap water and place the core with its round part sitting in the water with its pointed part facing up.

avocado plant pit

Place the glass of water in a protected and well-lit area at room temperature, a good place for example is the kitchen window, so that it gets light and also makes it easy to remember to take care of it.
Change the water in a glass every two days, this is very important to prevent the avocado from rotting.
Wait patiently. Over the next two weeks the avocado peel is expected to dry out, wrinkle and crack until it finally opens.

Not long after, a kind of crack should begin in the naked nucleus, at about 3-4 weeks after the beginning of the germination process, an initial root system should begin to form.
Continue to change water very gently so as not to damage the growing roots and wait for the stem to grow with the first leaves at the top of the seed.
When the avocado stalk reaches the thickness of a pencil it can be transferred and planted in a pot with soil or in the soil itself.

avocado plant pit

You can grow avocado plant from pit in glass cup, but you can grow it in a vase designed for it, there is room in the vase for the roots to grow, it is both a decorative accessory and suitable as a gift

Transfer the avocado to a pot
After the Avocado has grown and reached a sufficient size, transfer it to a planter, start with a 30-liter planter and after that you can transfer to a larger planter.
Note that the pot needs to have drainage holes.
The avocado plant should be watered only when the soil is dry.

avocado plant pit

Did I get any avocado fruit out of the tree?
If you bought the avocado at the supermarket it may or may not grow fruits, depending on the specie of the Avocado, if it comes out fruit it will be after 3 years.

Growing Avocado from a kernel is a very nice activity to do with kids, even if the tree has no fruit it is a beautiful and impressive tree and it will decorate your garden.

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