5 recipes for homemade weed killer on a budget​

5 recipes for homemade weed killer on a budget​

Do you have weeds in the garden or on your sidewalk cracks? This is a very annoying!

But we have some good ways to make easily homemade weed killer, off course on a budget 🙂

5 Homemade weed killers

  1. Boil water in a kettle and carefully pour it over the weeds. The heat will kill both the trees and the roots. Do this with closed shoes, gloves and carefully. Do not do this near children.
  2. Mix one cup of salt with two cups of water, boil the water and pour over the herbs when the water is hot, it will kill them and make them not want to go back to your yard again.
  3. my fajvorite homemade weed killer is to Take a spray can (you can buy it at the Dollar Store), fill the can with vinegar, spray the weeds directly and after two days they will dry and can be easily pulled. This is my favorite method. It’s easy it’s safe, it’s cheap and convenient and most importantly it works!
  4. You can do the same with a flash, fill a container with water and a flash and spray on the plants, but be careful on the clothes, the option of vinegar is more friendly.
  5. Mix a cup and a half of liquid soap with a liter of water and pour over the plants. They will no longer grow back.
homemade weed killer


Once you have finished spraying and the plants have dried, remove them by hand, then baking soda should be spread over the entire paved area to prevent new trees from growing, baking soda can be purchased in large packages at any store.

Do you have any more ideas homemade weed killer on a budget​? We would like to hear 🙂

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