Budget-friendly indoor plant hacks

Budget-friendly indoor plant hacks

There is nothing like flower plants for lifting the mood, beautifying the home, and making it more cozy.
These life hacks will help you keep plants alive:

hack 1 – how much water?

Do not water the soil if it is not dry
Make it a habit to check all the pots and trees every week and see which needs water, take out dry leaves and give the tree warmth and love 🙂

Some of my plants only need water once a month, or once every two months. Therefore there is no reason to give them water when they don’t need it.
Always water the plants when the soil is dry and not before.
If you give them too much water, their roots can rot and that is not good.

indoor plant

hack 2 Fertilize the plants

Our plants also need food to grow, you can buy fertilizer at stores like Home Depot or nurseries, but you can also use home fertilization.
For example you can bring your plants some black coffee in the soil (without sugar) from time to time. If you do this, dig a little in the soil, pour the coffee, and then cover it with soil so that insects do not come.

hack 3 remove weeds

If there are unwanted plants in the soil, they take water and energy from our plants and this is not good, so make it a regular routine to check the garden and the pots every few days and check that nothing has grown that you don’t want to be there.

water plants

hack 4 Be creative

A plant pot can be made from anything, such as an old bucket, a torn shoe, a box of coffee, or a kettle. Take a look around you. You can find objects that you have no use for and they can turn into lovely flower pots

We have a full post on the site that gives ideas and inspiration for plant containers

hack 5 Use technology

If you have an expensive plant or that is very sensitive to water shortages, you can buy a meter of moisture and stick it in the dirt, and then the device will show you when it is getting dry.

This is especially good if you are very busy, if you forget to water the plants and if you have a very expensive plant that you don’t want to be damaged if you forget to water it

meter of moisture

hack 6 Take care of the plants when you are away from home

if you are traveling from home for a period and want the plants not to be ashamed, you can use this irrigation device and know that they will stay alive without too much damage

life hacks for plants

hack 7 If you are not sure ask

If you have a new plant at home and you are not sure how to care for it, if it needs light, lots of water or special care – just ask!
There are many places today that you can ask, in a nursery, in a store, on the Internet, in forums, in Facebook groups or anywhere else.
The most important thing is that if you are not sure, ask instead of making mistakes 🙁

hack 8 You don’t always have to buy plants

If you want to grow a lot of plants it doesn’t mean you have to buy a lot!
It is possible to get free cuttings from friends, family, neighbors or in Facebook groups – here we have a whole post that explains it.

cutting for free

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