best Life hacks for indoor plants on a budget​

best Life hacks for indoor plants on a budget​

There is nothing like flower plants to lift the mood, make the house more beautiful and cozy. Here are some life hacks for plants that will help you keep them alive:

1. Do not water the soil if it is not dry

Make it a habit to check all the pots and trees every week and see which needs water, take out dry leaves and give the tree warmth and love 🙂

3. Occasionally pour black coffee into pots, it helps them grow

You can also add eggshells and spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, mustard and cloves to enhance the growth

4. Regularly remove weeds from the pots before they grow and it will be difficult to remove them

5. Anything can turn into a flower pot, an old bucket, a torn shoe, a box of coffee, a kettle, open your head and look around, you can find objects that you have no use for and they can turn into lovely flower pots

6. If you have an expensive plant or that is very sensitive to water shortages, you can buy a meter of moisture and stick it in the dirt, and then the device will show you when it is getting dry

7. If you are traveling from home for a period and want the plants not to be ashamed, you can use this irrigation device and know that they will stay alive without too much damage

life hacks for plants

Do you have more ideas for life hacks for plants? let me know in the comments

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