How to regrow vegetables from scraps

How to regrow vegetables from scraps

how to grow Sweet potatoes, potatoes, lettuce, green onion 🙂

Did you finish eating a salad? Why not reuse vegetables and regrow the vegetables? Nice activity with the kids, good for the environment and makes the house green and cozy.

so if you alwais wanted to know how to regrow vegetables now its your chance!

let’s start!!!

How to grow green onions from leftovers?

I really like to eat green onions in a salad
Whenever I buy a package of green onions I only use some of it.
So I started growing green onions at home and that way I always have green onions and I can take them whenever I need some.

Buy green onions at the supermarket
Cut to about the size of a finger
Put in a glass with water and let it grow
Whenever you want green onions cut with scissors
You can plant the green onion directly in the ground and put in a place with half shade and half sun, not in too strong sun.

I did this in the previous house I lived in and had 3 years of unlimited green shade always green.
How cool is that?

How to grow sweet potatoes at home in water

If you have a sweet potato that has started to take out some “eyes” put it in a glass, half of the sweet potato should stay in the water, you can attach toothpicks so that the sweet potato does not fall into the glass, after about a week it will start to leave leaves and roots, you can leave it in the glass and let it grow or Transfer to the ground in a shady place.

I prefer to leave the sweet potato in water
Every time I moved it to the ground it was a failure
And every sweet potato that grew indoors was successful and beautiful
If you have any tips on how to grow sweet potatoes under anesthesia I would love to hear

how to regrow vegetables

How to grow potatoes from leftovers?

If you have potatoes that have had some eyes, you can easily grow them and get new potatoes within a few weeks 🙂
Take potatoes with eyes,
cut each piece that has eyes and leave half a foot (5 cm at least) of potatoes, plant in the soil in a large and deep pot, water every time the soil is dry, within two weeks leaves will start to come out of the soil…

After 3 months you can dig in the ground and remove small and beautiful potatoes.
If you peeked in and saw that potatoes were too small – that’s fine!
You can cover them again in the ground and wait patiently for another week. I have grown potatoes several times and it is a great satisfaction to see how out of the ground real potatoes are 🙂

How to grow lettuce that does not stop growing.

There is nothing like putting fresh lettuce out of the plant in a sandwich or salad.
How can you grow fresh lettuce that never runs out?
Here are some tips on how to do it right

Go to the store and buy lettuce that looks fresh and tasty
Cut the lettuce and leave the part with the root about the size of a finger.
Put the lettuce in a glass with water
After two or three days new leaves will begin to emerge from the lettuce

Do not transfer the lettuce to the ground yet
Wait a few more days and check that roots are starting to emerge
After the roots begin to emerge, the lettuce can be transferred into the soil
Lettuce needs wet soil all the time
Keep the soil wet
Whenever you want to eat lettuce take lettuce leaves just around the lettuce. Never take from the leaves that are in the middle

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