How To Water Plants When On Vacation – on a budget​

If you travel away from home for a few days you do not want to come home and see that all your plants are dead. Here are some ideas how to Water Plants When On Vacation on a low budget​.

How To Water Plants When On Vacation – on a budget​

We all know how important it is to water our plants, but sometimes life gets in the way and we have to go on vacation. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, being away from home can be tough on our green friends. But don’t worry, there are ways to water your plants while on vacation without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure the plants are watered before you leave, keep them moist until you return, and do not overwater them.
    Many people make the mistake of giving plants too much water before they travel, and that’s how they die.
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  • If you have friendly neighbors ask them to come by your house after 3 days and check if the soil is moist, tell them to water them a little only if the soil is dry, it is usually better for the neighbors to put a too little water than too much water

    If you’re not sure the neighbors know what to do, ask if it’s okay to make a video call while they’re at your house. This way you can see how the plants are doing and if they need water.
  • A simple and easy way to give the plants enough water when you are on vacation is to take a bottle of water, put a cotton thread into the water, let the thread soak up the water and then dip one end of the thread inside the bottle and the other end inside the pot, this will constantly transfer water from the bottle into the pot if the bottle is higher than the pot
Water Plants When On Vacation
  • Use this product to water the plants when you are not at home, It is an excellent and useful product and can definitely help maintain the plants when you are not at home.
    This is a package of 24 products in one package at a price of between $11-14 so it fits a limited budget
Water Plants When On Vacation
  • Another product that can help your neighbors know if the plants need water, it is a bit more expensive, but will keep them from over-watering the plants and killing them.
Water Plants When On Vacation
  • Another way to water the plants when you are temporarily not at home but to keep the budget is to take a bottle of water, close the cap, poke a few small holes in the cap and stick it inside the pot. This way you have an automatic watering system for a pot for free, on a budget and in a very easy way

Use a bottle of wine

An empty wine bottle is another good way to water plants while on vacation. A standard bottle of wine should be sufficient for irrigation for about a month.
How to do it?

The bottle should be washed in water (you should use a dishwasher if you have one)
Next, poke a hole in the cork of the bottle with a nail or a drill.
In order for the water to drain out, the hole should be large enough not to let dirt into it and clog it up.

After you have prepared your bottle, you can fill it with water. Replacing the top is as simple as screwing it back on.

Don’t forget to water your plants. Before placing the bottle in the pot, make sure the soil is moist.

Place the neck of the bottle gently but deeply into the potting soil of your pot.

Make sure the water drains properly from your outdoor plants after a few hours.

How to water plants when you go on a short vacation

If you are going on a short vacation of up to 4 days there is no reason to worry, the plants will do well even without water for 4 days, if it is not new or small plants they will be fine. don’t worry

Another option is to set up an automatic watering system. This can be as simple as setting up a drip system with an irrigation timer or using self-watering pots. These systems can be relatively inexpensive and will save you time and effort while on vacation.

Another tip
Before going on vacation, add some mulch to the soil around your plants. This will help retain moisture and keep your plants healthy while you’re gone.

the snake plant

What to do with new plants or cuttings that have just been planted?

If you know you are going to go on vacation soon, don’t buy plants before then.
When you buy plants and they are new to you, they are in a sensitive state, they need more attention, so don’t buy plants if you know that you are going on vacation in the next month

If you have more ideas on how to keep your plants alive when you are not at home, write to me in the comments.

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