Gift ideas for plants lover on a budget

Gift ideas for plants lover on a budget

Do you like to grow plants at home?
Here are some gift ideas that you can buy for yourself or anyone who loves a house full of plants. everything until 30$!

A perfect stand for plant cuttings

A stand made of wood and glass and suitable for cuttings and plants.
It is also a beautiful home decoration, it is both useful and stunning.
You can place it on the window, in the office, on the kitchen counter or anywhere else.
Anyone who loves pots will be happy to receive such a gift.
The product has thousands of ratings and recommendations on Amazon and is very suitable as a gift for those who love plants.

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Plant Lover Coffee Mug

If you are looking for a funny, interesting and unusual gift for someone who loves plants, this is a perfect gift.
A cup of coffee with the inscription ” YES I REALLY DO NEED ALL THESE PLANTS”
Suitable mainly for those who are addicted to buying plants, suitable for a Christmas gift, a gift for a teacher and anyone.
The cup comes in two optional sizes.
The gift has many positive reviews and a 5-star rating on Amazon, so you can rest assured that it is a good gift and good value for money.

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In the same series, you can also buy a package that includes a hat, socks, a cup and a kitchen towel with the inscription “YES I REALLY DO NEED ALL THESE PLANTS”
This is a gift that is suitable for both men and women, of any gender and any size, it is a funny, unique gift that everyone will be happy to receive.
Note that the hat says PLANTS LADY so if you want to buy it for someone who identifies as a man it can be awkward. link to amazon

Plant Watering Globes

Watering balls is a perfect gift for gardening lovers, it is decoratively designed and also helps the plants to receive water regularly.
Suitable for anyone who loves plants, suitable for a gift for Christmas, for a teacher, or for yourself.
Here are some features of the product from Amazon

  • Improve plant health – LGL’s small self-watering balls distribute water to your plants automatically if the soil dries out making plant care fun and easy. A perfect plant accessory for indoors and outdoors
  • Elegant design – the elegant design complements the look of any indoor plant or garden. The hand blown glass beautifully reflects the light making the home and outdoors look stunning
  • High quality – LGL glass watering balls for inflated plants handmade from high-quality and durable glass. Each self-watering ball is created with special care. The self-watering spike is 6″ and the bulb is 2.5″
  • Plant watering system – using a tedious plant sprinkler and expensive self-watering planters. Adding an LGL plant watering device to your indoor gardening system is inexpensive, elegant and efficient
  • A perfect gift for plants – LGL watering bulbs are an ideal gift for any plant lover. The water balls for plants come in beautiful packaging and are incredibly stylish. They are an ideal housewarming gift

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If you are going on vacation and need ideas on how to keep the plants alive click here

Sitting Indoor Plant Pot

A very cute planter with legs and arms, suitable for placing on a shelf. A cool gift with humor for everyone.
The product has many good reviews and seems to be of good quality

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Pothos plants

A potus plant is an ideal gift for anyone who loves plants. You can take cuttings from this plant, transfer them to other pots, and when it grows it looks very impressive. It’s easy to grow, doesn’t require too much water, and requires little care.

Here is a link to Amazon – please note that nurseries will always have a lower price, but that it does not include delivery.

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