How to package plant cuttings for shipping

How to package plant cuttings for shipping

Do you Want to send plants by mail?
There are a few things you should do so that the plants arrive at their new home alive and happy without damage.

Why should you send cuttings by mail?

Sending plants by mail is a great way to tell people that you love plants without leaving the house.
There are many groups on Facebook where you can exchange plant cuttings with each other and send them by mail, this is a cheap, easy, and quick way to transfer plants.
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What to check before sending?

  1. Make sure that the country you want to send to allows the possibility of sending live plants by mail, within the US most countries allow it but it is recommended to check before sending, if it is a shipment outside the US then even more think to check if it is legally possible.
  2. I always send by delivery which is not the fastest in the world but 2-3 days of delivery.
  3. For the plants to last in the mail they need to have roots, leave them in water until it’s time to send them.

How do you prepare the plants for shipment in the best way?

Here’s what you need to package the cuttings to mail

  1. Scissors and a plant 🙂
  2. Paper towel
  3. Plastic bag
  4. Wrapping papers/wrapping remnants of gifts or fillers for packaging

Take the plant, cut it with clean scissors, if there are several plants put them all together so that the roots of all are in the same place.

Spray some water on the paper towel.
Wrap the roots in a paper towel that is not too tight, but not too sloppy.
After the plant is wrapped in a paper towel, wrap it in a plastic bag.
Check that it is well wrapped on all sides.

Carefully put in a box, carefully stick the cuttings with the nylon into the box using masking tape.

Add papers, gift wraps, wrapping papers or anything else to the sides that will keep the plant wrapped and protected inside the box.


I like to keep gift bags, Crinkle Cut Paper Shre, so every time I need to wrap a gift or send mail plants I always have paper products just for that purpose. If you don’t have it, you can of course buy a package of Crinkle Cut Paper Shred and it should last for a long time

package plant cuttings for shipping


If you want to keep the plant moist in the mail. You can add moist Moss to it.
You take the plant, wrap it in moss, spray water, then wrap it in paper and plastic, the moss helps the plant stay moist and that way when you send it in the mail it will stay moist for a long time.
You can buy it at any store or nursery or on Amazon, it is a very cheap product, one package lasts a long time and Moss has many uses.


I received some plants in the mail that are packaged like this and they arrived like this and were in excellent condition 🙂

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