How much should I water my plant?

How much should I water my plant?

How much water should I water my plant
How often should I water my plant?
How often should I water my cactus?

This question comes up every single day in gardening forums and Facebook groups, so I wrote a post explaining everything I know about watering!

The first rule is that there is no such thing as weekly watering and no such thing as daily watering
The soil’s condition is affected by many factors:It depends on the weather, the humidity, the location of the pot, the size of the pot, the soil, etc.
The only thing that will determine whether to water the pot is the condition and dryness of the soil.

This is my watering routine

2 times every week I go over all the plants and check the soil one by one, I put my finger on the soil and check if it is moist or wet, if the soil above is dry I insert my finger a little into the soil and check if it is dry or not. If it is moist on the inside, no more water is needed.
If it is dry on the inside, I water it with water until I see that the water is coming out of the bottom of the pot, of course, I empty the water that has accumulated below.
With this method there is not even one plant that gets too much water and that’s how all my pots bloom and thrive and grow.

Examples from real life.
I have a snake plant it’s a type of cactus that originally comes from the desert of Africa and it doesn’t need a lot of water
I bought the plant in April 2022 and its soil inside was wet, I checked twice a week if it needed water and watered it for the first time in August 2022!
I mean, for 4 months I didn’t water it and it didn’t die 🙂
It grew and put out more leaves during this whole period and it looks happy and healthy!!!

In August I also brought him fertilizer along with the water because I realized that if I water him once every few months then it is better to take advantage of the moment and give him fertilizer.

Another example
July 2022, I received a Manostra plant from a woman who lives in my neighborhood, she said it wasn’t growing and didn’t look that healthy even though she was watering it all the time.
I checked the soil and it was wet, now it’s September 2022 and the soil is still wet which means two and a half months he still hasn’t received water, meanwhile, he looks really happy and healthy and has already put out 5 beautiful new leaves!!


Why not water a lot?

If we water the pot with too much water, its roots rot and it stops growing, the plants almost die because of too much water, it is always better to check the soil and decide whether to water or not. Just like we eat when we are hungry and don’t eat once an hour or once every 3 hours

If I water a lot, will the pot grow faster?

Not if you water a lot, chances are your plant will die

What other mistakes do beginner gardeners make?

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